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Eknath Patil
Master Chef

Master Chef Kundiram Shankar Bhoslekar believes that authenticity is the key ingredient to fine food. That's why he delights in cooking Malvani food. He would spend every minute he could in father’s Dhaba kitchen. Chef Bhoslekar started his career at his father’ Dhaba back in is Village in Maura district. A Chef par excellence, the man on whom lays the onus of making the name of Malvani cuisine synonymous with delectable Seafood flavours.

Chef Bhoslekar believes the secret to any dish is the building blocks – the ingredients themselves, and the time spent sourcing them. Diversity of regions and seasonality of produce enable suppliers to produce a quality product, and the use of quality products in turn means the dish is supported by ingredients themselves.

Chef Bhoslekar has personally trained and moulded the Chef’ at multi located Malvan Tadka fine dine restaurants into a dynamic engine bursting with creative gourmet flavours of Malvani dishes.

Chef Bhoslekar' philosophy is simple – Keep the food as uncomplicated as possible, cook fresh, retain the flavours and cook according to the season. Innovation persuades me to present food at its creative best.

What Client Say About Us

Good food coupled with affordable booze options. Would definitely go back if drinks and decent coastal food is what is needed. Service is ok. Food is acceptable as well.

Sukumar Sonawane

Nice place to have wide range of Malvani and non-veg food. Comfortable sitting with ok ambience was good experience. Recommended for all, its must try for Malvani food lovers.

Suhas Tupsamudre

Been the best option at anytime to call in for food. Quick in delivery and fast on the table as well. Well split section for family and other group makes it comfortable for all customers. Mutton sagoti and bhakri are the star attraction for me. Fish and prawns are priced very high when compared with the quantity received.


I had Murg Musallam and it was very tasty. Though I didnt find soups as tasty as their main course. Waiters were on time. The only problem is the ambiance and space. Its very crowded.

Abhilash Ruhela