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Adarsh Shetty - Chairman and Managing Director

Adarsh Shetty has over 18 years of experience in the hospitality industry. He has proven expertise in leading successful executive teams, negotiating and supervising management, consulting contracts and delivering expected profits to the bottom line.

He is a university graduate from Bengaluru, has traveled extensively in Europe and Asia, and has also studied Interior Design briefly. Before founding Angad Hospitality which created the brand name ‘Malvan Tadka’, he has founded other Hospitality companies namely – 3 Forks Hospitality which holds the brand ‘Rude Lounge’, Golden Fork Hospitality, Sai Group Private Limited, Aroma Hospitality which holds the Hotel brand named - ‘Travel In’ in Dharwad and South Coast – a Hotel brand in Manipal.

He is a foodie by nature, a successful entrepreneur, an innovator, a visionary and a mentor for many of his colleagues. While following a diet plan and a fitness regime, South Indian cuisine remains his favored food and so does Bollywood. He has been very active in reaching out to celebrities and stars involving them to stimulate his brands. He believes in working to the creative aspects of business with patience and with the right strategy. His sternness towards achieving his business goals comes with a candid and compassionate heart.

As Aristotle said - “Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” – Adarsh follows this mantra in his everyday life.

Sandarsh Shetty - Associate Director

Born in a small town like Kundapur, Karnataka, Sandarsh has is a Post Graduate in Business Management from Bangalore University. He has been awarded as ‘The Best Employee – 2006-2007’ during his tenure with BJN Group – F&B Department. He has been associated with numerous verticals of Hospitality industry since the last 11 years.; has travelled and worked in Singapore and Dubai prior to his employment with Angad Hospitality.

He is truly a people’ person, is considered as a soft-spoken, target driven, punctual and dedicated employee of Angad. He too is a sports enthusiast andstrongly believes in his fitness regime.

He is an Innovator, an ardent follower of Technology and likes to implement them for the betterment of the organization. At Angad, he is responsible for – overall Operations, Finance, Human Resources & Investments.

Santosh Shetty - Associate Director

Santosh Shetty is an Arts Graduate from Mangalore University, has 15+ years of experience in Hospitality industry mainly Catering services. Being in the catering profession for a decade has given him an edge over to conceptualize, organize, litigate and manage large corporate events and services. He has been engaged in the management of high-end hotels and with his outstanding performance and has been awarded as a ‘Best Quality Service Award’ from Star TV. He is an active Member of Lions Club International, Marol, Mumbai

Santosh is nick named as ‘Anna’ among his friends and family members; relishes Sea Food and has been an avid traveler in India and Abroad.

He strongly believes that sincerity and hard work focused with business profits achieved while adhering to conducive conducts at work will definitely bring benefits to the business and the people associated with the organization. Customer focus and strong relationship building has been the highpoint of this tenure.

Ranjan Shetty - Associate Director

Ranjan Shetty is a Bachelor of Arts from Mangalore University. His Hospitality venture started with his Family’ hotel business 10 years ago. He is a family oriented entrepreneur who has stepped out partnering with other hospitality companies and holds strong political views about the systems in India.

He is responsible for leading and directing the company’s human resource programs. His areas of responsibility include leadership development, recruitment and staffing, employee and labor relations, legal compliance and building a culture committed to excellence. He also plays a key role in acquisitions and divestments of hotels for the company. Ranjan has extensive experience in human resources management.

Being a fan of Indian and Italian cuisine, he adheres to an exercise routine, which drives him through the day. He is very active in sports activities personally and also involves his team members as an HR initiative – a strong team building exercise. His friendly nature with leadership skills has proven him to the right mentor for the team members of Angad Hospitality.

Charan Shetty - Associate Director

Charan is a Commerce Graduate from St. Xaviers College, and also holds a Diploma in Bakery & Food production. He has a decade of experience in Catering business, which was pioneered by himself along with his brothers who hold similar professional experience.

Being a positive person, and a sports enthusiast, he has been a guiding force to his team of his Catering business. His keenness of building a career in Hospitality industry backed up with decade old experience of handling a team of 100+ professionals (Catering business) made him eligible to head Operations at Angad Hospitality. He has been closely associated with top Corporates and Advertising Agencies where he till date offers Catering services in their respective canteens.

His positive attitude, being a problem resolver, a hard negotiator and his adherence to Hygiene along with his accreditations makes him the right Executive to handle the versatile tasks of Operations at Angad.